Just Break


A New Year...a new home for entertainment

Hello. Welcome to the launch of Just Break. That is the name for now and this is the home for now. Our hopes are that in the next year you will watch this site grow into a media powerhouse that influences multiple industries as well as make a ton of money on those Google Adwords everyone writes so much about. Right now there isn't even a logo. Topics we hope to discuss are as follows:

-TV (it rules a large portion of my life.)
-Great websites
-Music (perhaps we'll do an MP3 blog...probably not.)
-Bad customer service
-An obsession with rewards programs
-Cool stores

That is all for now...hope you have a ton of reasons to comeback. (Of course if anyone ever reads this post it is because destiny will have been fulfilled and the site will be bountiful with traffic because who is really there for the first post at a site?)