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'going once' vacation discounts

American Express is running a really cool promotion this week - Going Once. A specific vacation package goes on sale everyday at noon EST. Every 20 minutes the price goes down until all of the packages are sold. The catch is you never know how much the price will go down and you never know how many packages are left.

I've been watching a trip to Peru decrease in cost all day today. Initially, there were 30 packages for sale. It retails for $12,600 (for 2 people), but is now at $7,487. Oh, it just sold out! Not like I had $7500 bucks to go to Peru, but it was a good deal for the 7 night package. Tomorrow - Vegas!


Blogger LP said...

This is cool. Looks like Vegas is done too, tomorrow is Austrailia. Not that I could spend $50k on a ten night trip there...

1:20 PM  

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